Issa Rae: The Los Angeles Auteur Changing Paradigms in Television and Community Entrepreneurship


Rae has been a pivotal voice in representing Black beauty in the entertainment industry. With the launch of “Insecure,” there was a shift in perception and presentation of young Black women on television. Rae notes that, although progress has been made, there’s still much to be done in terms of rich and diverse content.

In fashion, Rae stands out for her unique style, choosing bold pieces like a tape-print silk dress from Maison Margiela and a spiked harness from Comme des Garçons Hommes Plus.


She discusses the fascination of designs through time and the universality of artistic creation, reflecting her unique perspective and the influence of Los Angeles in her work.

Looking forward to her upcoming projects, Rae is excited about the ongoing influence of her Los Angeles roots in her work. Her journey from creating a web series to becoming a television powerhouse demonstrates her talent, vision, and dedication to uplifting and representing her community.

All Images – Instagram @issarae

“Insecure” by Issa Rae

Issa Rae, renowned for her groundbreaking series “Insecure” and her role as creator, star, writer, and producer on HBO, has transcended the entertainment world to become a key figure in community and entrepreneurial activism. Finishing the fifth and final season of “Insecure,” Rae has shown no signs of creative slowdown, even during the pandemic. She has embarked on various projects, including “Rap Sh*t,” a new HBO Max project, a record label, and a collaboration with Converse, in addition to her work in historically Black communities in Los Angeles.