Ama Lou: An Artistic Force Beyond Her Years


At just 21 years of age, North London’s Ama Lou, now residing in Los Angeles, is redefining the R&B scene with her distinctive style and deep storytelling. Her tracks “Tried Up” and “Not Always” showcase a maturity that belies her youth, blending contemporary youth culture with insightful narratives. Ama’s unique perspective is partly attributed to her unusual sense of age perception; she often feels like a 35-year-old trapped in a younger person’s body, a notion that deeply influences her artistic expression​​.

Ama comes from a family where cooking is revered, with her father being a chef. This background has cultivated her love for diverse cuisines, with a simple, hearty salad and the Thai soup Tom Yum ranking as her favorites. Her diverse palate mirrors her eclectic approach to music and art​​.

Her musical tastes are just as refined. Ama cites Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” as the greatest record she’s ever heard, reflecting her appreciation for strong, influential female artists who have shaped the music industry​​.


In terms of cinematic influences, Ama Lou holds “Goodfellas” in high regard. A particular scene featuring Robert De Niro in a canary-yellow velvet jumper deeply resonated with her, leading her to acquire a similar jumper, which now holds a special place in her wardrobe and, by extension, her personal style. This incident highlights her attention to detail and how aspects of popular culture seep into her personal and artistic life​​.

Describing her personal style as a blend of “pimp cowboy” and an “old Guyanese woman,” Ama Lou showcases a fearless approach to fashion. This unique combination of influences is a testament to her individualistic approach not just to music, but to life as a whole​​.

Her favorite sneakers, Quartersnacks x Nike SB Blazers, epitomize her unique style. These shoes, acquired during her travels, reflect her nomadic lifestyle and constant search for new experiences and inspirations​​.

Ama’s journey to self-discovery and artistic maturity began at 17 when she impulsively moved to New York with nothing but her guitar. This bold move marked the beginning of her global exploration and a departure from her previously held belief that she would always stay in London. Her travels have instilled in her a desire for constant change, although she maintains a disciplined routine to anchor her life​​.

Despite her young age, Ama exhibits a remarkable level of control and discipline in her life and art. She playfully admits to being a “control freak,” an attribute that likely contributes to her consistent artistic output and the unique character of her music and style​​.

Ama Lou’s journey is not just about music; it’s about an unapologetic expression of self, a fusion of diverse cultural elements, and a fearless approach to life and art. Her story is an inspiration to young artists everywhere, proving that age is but a number and that true artistry knows no bounds.

All Images – Instagram @amalougistics