How to play Town of Salem 2

Town of Salem 2 is a sequel to the original Town of Salem game, bringing new roles, features, and dynamics to the gameplay. While a detailed guide on the complete gameplay mechanics wasn’t found, I can provide you with some insights based on the roles and a specific role guide:

  1. Roles in Town of Salem 2: The game features a variety of roles categorized into different alignments such as Town Protective, Town Killing, Town Support, Town Power, Neutral Evil, Neutral Killing, Neutral Apocalypse, and Coven Power. Each role has unique abilities. For example, the Bodyguard in the Town Protective alignment can protect a player against a direct attack, while a Vigilante in the Town Killing alignment can kill a player at night.
  2. Playing Specific Roles: For instance, if you are playing as the Seer (a Town Investigative role), your objective is to discern opposing factions. You have the ability to choose two players at night to determine if they are on opposing factions. The role requires strategic communication, maintaining a game log, and being mindful of possible manipulation by roles like Enchanter or Illusionist.
  3. General Gameplay: Similar to the original game, Town of Salem 2 likely involves day and night cycles where players perform their roles’ actions at night and discuss, accuse, and vote during the day. Your objectives depend on your assigned role, whether it’s protecting the town, causing chaos, or achieving individual goals.

Understanding Vote for Alignment (VFA)

  • VFA Mechanics: VFA starts from the top of the player list, and players vote until someone claims an alignment. If they don’t claim in time, they’re voted up to the stand.
  • Suspicious Behavior: Not claiming alignment in time, claiming Town Investigative but not full role, or not voting up an evil player during VFA.
  • Strategic Considerations: Town Power roles often fake claim to avoid targeting by evils. Be cautious of Doomsayer or Ritualist roles, as they can deliver Unstoppable Attacks.

Important Interactions and Mechanics

  • Town Investigative: Investigators can’t detect Blood from passive attacks. Seer always finds Neutral Evils as enemies.
  • Town Protective: Bodyguards and Trappers protect from one attacker only. Poison can only be cured by a Cleric.
  • Witch Mechanics: Witches can force Vigilantes to shoot on the first night and control Jailors to execute.
  • Roleblocks and Dead Players: Roleblocked players become hungover and can’t be roleblocked the next night. Necromancers have priority over Retributionists.

Playing as Coven

  • Necronomicon Order: Coven Leader, Conjurer, Medusa, etc. The holder appears innocent to Sheriffs and can attack at night.
  • Strategies: Avoiding early exposure, combining roles effectively (e.g., Voodoo Master + Dreamweaver), and utilizing the Necronomicon wisely.

Playing as Jester

  • Tactics for Lynching: Ignoring VFA, late Town Investigative claims, fake Town Protective claims, and voting patterns that draw attention.
  • Advanced Strategies: Misremembering Amnesiac roles, fake Retributionist claims, and feigning silence on the stand.

Writing a Good Will

  • Formatting Tips: Use concise and clear formatting like #[Role], :[Action]:, and @[Player Number].
  • What to Include: Night actions, feedback, and player claims. Avoid unnecessary text and confusing formatting.

Important Abbreviations

  • Role Abbreviations: TP (Town Protective), TI (Town Investigative), TK (Town Killing), etc.
  • Action Abbreviations: RB (Roleblock), NV (No visits), VB (Visited by), etc.
  • Meta Terms: VFA (Vote for Alignment), VFR (Vote for Role), 1F1 (1 for 1 trade-off).

General Tips

  • Adaptability: Be ready to adapt your strategy based on the role you’re assigned and the game’s progress.
  • Communication: Effective communication and deception are key, depending on your role.
  • Observation: Pay close attention to other players’ actions and claims to deduce their roles.

“Town of Salem 2” is a complex game of strategy, deception, and deduction. Understanding the roles, mechanics, and strategies outlined in this guide will significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Remember, each game is unique, so stay flexible and enjoy the challenge!