How to disable the joyful animation of Outlook mail.

If you are a user of Microsoft’s Outlook email service, you may have noticed that a new feature called “happy animations” has recently been added. This new Outlook feature will automatically display a burst of bright, colorful shapes in the reading pane when you open a message that includes words like Happy Birthday and Congratulations.

how to disable joy animation from Outlook.

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It should be noted that the Joyful Animations feature in Outlook is enabled by default so if you are not a fan of it, you will have to disable it manually. The truth is that the function is acceptable for personal accounts, however when we use our work account, this feature may not be the most appropriate.

The “cheerful animations“appear when we receive an email and display it in the reading pane of the web version of Outlook. Words considered” happy “are highlighted, and when you move the mouse cursor over them, you will see how a shower of glitter is displayed and confetti.

Note: These animations are only available in the modern version of the Outlook web app. If you’re still using the classic version, you won’t see them.

Having said this, if you want to deactivate the cheerful animation of the Outlook email service in its online version, then we will show you step by step how to do it:

How to disable the cheerful animations of the Outlook email service.

– The first thing will be to access the Web and log in with your credentials.

– Once the interface is displayed, we will have to click on the gear-shaped icon located in the upper right part of the window.

how to disable joy animation from Outlook.

– In the settings menu we must select the option: See all Outlook settings.

– This will show a window in which you will have to go to the section: Mail

– This will give you access to a series of sub-categories in the central part of the screen from which we must select the one that says: Compose and reply

– Finally in the right part of the window you will have to scroll down until you find the option: Cheerful Animations. Under this section you will have to uncheck the box that is shown there.

how to turn off the joy animation of the Outlook email service.

– Once the box is unchecked, you will have to click on the Save button so that from now on when you receive emails containing the words Happy Birthday or Congratulations, you will see how the animation will never be displayed again.